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Our Cheese
Goat Cheeses from
Darrington, Washington
We produce a variety of cheeses at Yarmuth Farm – all crafted by hand in small batches,
using traditional farmstead methods. We maintain a small herd to ensure quality and all our
ingredients are natural - we use no antibiotics or hormones. The changing seasons
influence our goats’ milk, in terms of production and flavor. As the milk changes throughout
the year, so do our methods and craft. We constantly adapt our recipes and techniques to
maintain uncompromising standards in purity, taste, and quality. We keep our ingredient list
short, relying on care and passion to achieve superior results.  

Moments after our goats give milk, we pasteurize their milk and make our fresh chevre. We use only
French cultures and vegetable rennet.

Made from our pasteurized milk, this hand-ladled “Grandmother Goat” cheese is covered in a thin
rind of bloomy white mold. Mild and buttery, with a subtle, earthy aroma.

A staple in the French and Swiss Alps, we craft our Tomme from unpasteurized goat’s milk, then
age in our curing room for four months or more. The golden yellow, washed rind surrounds a smooth,
white interior - a simple, everyday pleasure!

A farmhouse style table cheese made from raw goats milk and aged over 60 days. It has a fresh
buttery flavor with a hint of lemon.

An aged cheese that develops a bright orange rind, this cheese has a smooth buttery paste with a
slight lactic tang. It is made from raw goats milk and ages for at least 3 months.