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Our Goats
Goat Cheeses from
Darrington, Washington
Our 45 goats produce all the milk at Yarmuth Farms. We care for a mixed herd of
pure-bred, ADGA-registered Nubian, La Mancha, and Alpine does. Cleared from
mature forest, our farm’s hillsides offer acres of lush blackberry, salmon berry,
sugar maple, and ferns for forage. We supplement our goats’ diet with the highest-
quality alfalfa from Eastern Washington and specially formulated high-protein grain.

Twenty-one of our does birthed 50 kids this season and we’re happy to say they’re
all healthy and thriving. We bottle-feed all of our kids to encourage them to be
people-friendly and to help us get to know them individually. We love doing it!

While our goats browse on the farm or lounge in the barn, our two watchful Great
Pyrenees - Bonnie and Clyde - guard them, day and night, rain or shine.

Twice a day we milk our goats in a modern facility equipped with the finest Delaval
machinery. We immediately transfer the milk to our “make” room, where we begin
crafting the different varieties of Yarmuth Farm Cheese.