I first met Louisa Yarmuth when I took over as chef at Sitka and Spruce. Her cheeses are what
I would consider to be the gold standard of goat cheese. At almost any time of the year I
always have at least have one of her cheeses on my menu.
— Danny - Chef at Sitka & Spruce
We are so thrilled to have Yarmuth Farm Cheese in our case here at DeLaurenti.
Everyone always looks forward to our weekly deliveries made by Louisa herself, a treat for all
our mongers!

Yarmuth Farm Fresh Chevre is like none other, pillowy in texture and appearance,
it opens with hints of floral notes and finishes with a smooth and savory decadence. Their
Nonna Capra is a small cheese to be reckoned with. When these velvety gems grace our case
it is always a delight. The stunning appearance of both the Dylan and Farmstead Tomme
parallels the quality and deliciousness of their flavor.

Yarmuth Farm Cheese is a pivotal pillar to
our case and a staff and customer favorite alike.
— Nicki Heer – Deli Manager at DeLaurenti Food & Wine
It’s been a pleasure to work with and joy to offer fresh and delicious Yarmuth Farm Cheeses
on our menu for nearly 10 years now.
— Jessie - Crow and Betty in Queen Anne
Louisa Yarmuth’s goat cheeses from her farm in Darrington are the very best
representatives of their kind. They are always bright and fresh, redolent of the fine, pure goat
milk from her herd. The packaging is equally well thought out, handsome and
appropriate to these prime, local goat cheeses.
— Kurt Timmermeister - Kurtwood Farms on Vashon Island